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Recovery Meal Plan B


Daily menu: 1 Multigrain rice/2 Meat/1 veggie/1 soup (1000 ml).  4-Week rotating menu.

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Toronto Healthy Asian Meal Delivery

Recovery meals are designed by a registered practical nurse & nutritionist to support individual’s nutritional and recovery needs after surgeries, fractures, and different health conditions.  The meal plan is a combination of modern nutrition and traditional Chinese herbal cuisine.  Menu will be personalized according to unique nutritional needs.

Our goals in mind:

  • Great variety of food material and daily rotating dishes – balance meal plan to support one’s nutrition and recovery.
  • Balance the Qi and Blood to replenishing the Zang & Fu organs.
  • Boost the immune system to prevent diseases.
  • Relieve some discomfort such as fatigue, lack of appetite, and constipation.
  • Low salt, low fat, no added MSG.
  • Fresh and delicious.
  • Easy and convenient.
  • Suitable for all age.

Unable to cook? Don’t know what to eat after a surgery? Leave the hassle to us and focus on getting better. It’s also a good way to support friends and family.

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